Who we are

Spektikor Ltd is a Finnish medical device company which operates in the field of health technology. We are specialized and focused on developing portable vital sign monitors for emergency medicine and professional use, for instance heart beat indicators and software.

Spektikor was founded in 2011 in Oulu, Northern Finland and our story began with the commercialization of an innovation that visualizes the heart beat. In the future Spektikor’s expertise and knowhow will be seen in various single-use medical device solutions.

Our solution

Spektikor is the world’s first vital sign monitor for emergency medicine. With state of the art printed technology, Spektikor provides a real-time situational awareness everywhere where ill or injured patients need to be monitored.

Spektikor is the tool for professionals to easily monitor and detect changes in a patient’s heart rate. Spektikor is adhered to the patient like regular ECGelectrode with the adhesive located in the base of the device. The LED unit can be detached and moved to a spot in good view. The device indicates the heart beat by flashing the light whenever it recognizes the R-peak of ECG signal. A blue LED indicates that the heart rate is over 40 but below 120 beats per minute. In case the heart rate is not within the set limits, this is indicated with red LED.

Our product meet the requirements for the following medical device directives:

  • 2002/96/EC (WEEE)
  • 93/42/EEC
  • 2002/95/EC (ROHS)


Spektikor is a small, disposable and easy-to-use solution to save your time for essential care. It indicates patient’s heart beat grade without tools, disinfectant or electricity. Spektikor helps you to focus on the patients that require immediate attention. At the same time, in a situation with multiple patients, you can easily notice critical changes of condition from a distance.

It addresses hospital, first aid and army medical needs to continuously follow up patient’s vital signs in emergencies and catastrophes in all circumstances. Fast out-of-box readiness enables patient monitoring in seconds.

What are we looking for

Spektikor is looking for long-term Sales partners with international experience in both in-hospital and pre-hospital segments.

Contact information

Lauri Kuronen



+358 400 244 209


Aapistie 1, 90220 Oulu, Finland

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