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Who we are

Strategic Scientific Consulting Finland Oy is together with Strategic Scientific Consulting Ltd a network of international experienced professionals providing support services and training courses in business development, innovation, commercialisation and internationalisation for young scientific and technical companies, research institutes and other entrepreneurial organisations.

Our solution

SSC works with individuals, commercialization teams at public institutes, regional development organizations and small companies to help scientists and technologists achieve their business ambitions. Any challenging new business opportunity that intrigues and excites our team, that ignites passion, is of interest to us.

We undertake specific projects, or work alongside a team for longer to provide a mix of skills and activities to meet defined strategic goals. We can apply our skills and resources at all stages of the commercialization process, from the birth of an idea through to taking a proven product into new markets.

Team profiles

The main consultants within the organization have strong backgrounds in sales, marketing and business development gained from working in technology led market areas creating and selling products for niche, high-tech industries. They are generally PhD and MBA educated and have the ability to understand your technology and scientific processes. They understand fully the pressures and stresses of getting product to the market place in a timely fashion and the difficulties in persuading the first key customers to become advocates on your behalf.

Contact information

Anna-Marja Hoffrén

Managing Director


+358 45 278 2595

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