Who we are

We, at Surgify, are currently preparing the commercialization of a novel technology for skull opening procedures at Aalto University with financial support from Tekes. To enable continuous communication with clinicians, we have been working in close cooperation with Neurosurgical Department of Helsinki University Central Hospital.

Our solution

In many fields of surgery and dentistry, bone has to be cut or removed without damaging the proximal soft structures. Surgify develops new solutions to protect these structures and prevent associated complications. Bleeding, infections and nerve injuries are some of the complications that can severely affect a patient’s quality of life. Our first technology is designed to minimize the risks and make skull opening procedures safer and faster.


Less invasive surgery means less trauma and faster recovery of the patient. Preventing damage in the first place means safer operations and less corrective actions.

What we are looking for

We are looking for investors and partners, preferably with expertise in the medical device industry. We are also interested in discussing with clinicians and surgeons about new ideas and solutions.

Team Profiles

Visa Sippola is the medical director and project coordinator at Surgify and responsible for making our product meet the customer needs. Before initiating this project, he was working as a researcher at Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District.

Shahab Haeri is the technical director at Surgify, who has the skills to make our solution a reality. He has been fully involved in Surgify since the beginning of the project.

Juho Carpén is the commercial director at Surgify and responsible for making Surgify a viable and profitable business. Before joining the team in its early phase, he has been involved in different strategy and market analysis projects.

Ahmad Hafez is an experienced neurosurgeon, who is participating in the medical testing and design processes. He has executive master in business administration and has acted as a chief of department at a private hospital in Syria. He has also worked nearly 15 years at a charity hospital.

Jukka Kreander is the quality manager, who is responsible for development of quality management systems and regulatory affairs. He has gained experience from life science companies, such as GE Healthcare, Sooma, and MDS Finland.

Jan Ekström has over 30 years of experience in life science companies, such as Instrumentarium and GE Healthcare. He has been building a successful medical technology business from a small enterprise into a global market leader.

Contact information

Visa Sippola

Project Coordinator, Medical Director


+358 50 304 6045


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