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Who we are

SYNOSTE is a Finnish venture, which was started in 2007 by three young engineering students Harri, Antti, and Juha studying at Aalto University, Finland. The company was established in Helsinki in 2012 and expanded to Germany the following year. Their passion, skills and competencies have led them to develop a solution for millions of people less fortunate than themselves – people suffering from bone deformities. Today, we are a team of more than 10 international professionals with background in medical engineering, mechanics, quality and regulatory affairs, clinical work, and medical device business with a global network.

Our solution

We have invented a novel patient friendly solution for bone lengthening treatment. In this treatment a bone is first cut in two parts and the parts are gradually pulled apart 1 mm each day. After the target length is reached, bone is let to heal and the implant is removed. The result is a longer but perfectly normal and healthy bone. Our first product is a 3rd generation leg lengthening device, which includes robust expanding SYNOSTE Nitinail implant and easy to use home care unit. The length of the Nitinail is controlled wirelessly from outside the body in home environment.


There are millions of people across the globe suffering from some type of “bone deformity” e.g., limbs or bones of different lengths or scoliosis of their spine. A range of factors can cause these defects: traumatic injury, infections, cancers, or congenital abnormalities. For many patients, the deformity is extremely painful to live with wrecking their quality of life. SYNOSTE's technology increases the quality of life of these patients and offers a cost effective solution for public and private sectors.

For example, if a patient has one leg over 3 cm shorter than the other, lengthening of the shorter leg is recommended in order to avoid back pain, abnormal gait and other problems. Typically leg lengthening is done with a painful external device that pierces muscles and skin. SYNOSTE has invented an implant, of which length is daily controlled wirelessly with an easy to use and quick home care unit. This lowers complication rate and pain and enables unrestricted rehabilitation and fast return to normal life.

What we are looking for

SYNOSTE is looking for investors and medical device corporate partners to accelerate our product development and product launch.

Contact information

Harri Hallila

Managing Director


+358 40 738 1713

Metsänneidonkuja 6, FI-02130 Espoo, FINLAND

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