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who we are

We specialize in developing products and services for hospital, emergency care and Rescue Services.

We develop, market and distribute innovative, high-quality products and provide services. We aim at providing patients with best protection and comfort as well as improving safety, effectiveness and efficiency in the work of hospital staff.

We are dedicated to working closely together with professionals from Universities, Research Centres, Hospitals as well as Rescue Service Professionals to continuously improve the performance of products and services, in order to fulfil all of our customers’ needs and requirements.

our solution

Patient’s full-body medical wear the T-Balance. The patient is dressed with the T-Balance before the premedication and wears the suit during the entire surgical process until recovery, improving the stability of body temperature during entire surgical process.

Due to zippers, only the selected surgical area is needed to expose for heat loss during the operation and the patient’s body temperature lowers less than with the traditional methods.

We also have several products as Telespro Rescue Covering, Vacuum Mattress, Cloak e.t.c. designed for daily use by rescue professionals.


T-Balance is preventing heat loss during the operation. That means:

  • Lower infection risk in the wound area
  • Normal oxygen consumption and bleeding due to better stabilized body temperature
  • Lower risk for post-operative myocardial events
  • Faster recovery process to transfer patient from the recovery room to the ward
  • Helps to minimize indirect costs caused by complications and longer surgical procedure due to heat loss
  • Direct costs for using the product are approximately the same compared with traditional hypothermia prevention methods. 

what we are looking for

We are looking for partners and customers.

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Heikki Hakkarainen



+358 400 573376

Aseveljenkatu 4 70620 Kuopio, FINLAND

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