The 5Geekiest nation in the world

The 5Geekiest nation in the world

Digital Health
connected health

The future of wireless health care is almost here! Finland is on the front-line of the new 5G technology.

Changing the world with new innovative technology and smart apps, Finland has the most vibrant digital health hub in Europe. Finland has the highest number of digital health start-ups per capita in the world and the health technology exports are increasing at double speed compared to the global growth rate in the field. With all that in mind, it is easy to agree that Finland has the best digital health development environment in the world!

Frontrunner in e-health

Finland has been recognized as a European frontrunner in e-health services provision with the highest level of e-health access and usage in Europe. Finland is among first countries in the world with a national digital patient data repository (Kanta) covering both the public and private healthcare sectors. All Finnish citizens now have on-line access to repository services, such as e-prescription history. Soon people can upload personal health information and choose to grant access to their own data to their physician or other health professionals.

Controlled testbeds in hospitals – market entry

Finland has recognized that concrete steps are needed to reduce the time-to-market for new medical directive regulated technologies and solutions.  The establishment of testbed environments “living labs” in university hospitals and clinics answer industry’s needs for collaboration with the healthcare providers and the acceleration of commercialization of new products. The testbeds are especially useful for health technology startups or companies eager to apply their technologies or services to healthcare.

5 G test lab in hospital environment opening

“We wish to stir up international and Finnish companies and make them focus on 5G in their strategies as a significant competitive advantage. The region’s ICT ecosystem provides companies with a unique environment for development. It speeds up the road of products from innovations to testing phase and into the market. The University of Oulu and the Technical Research Centre of Finland already have a 5G test laboratory. The next 5G environment will be built in the OYS TestLab at Oulu University Hospital,” said BusinessOulu Executive Director Juha Ala-Mursula in a press release.


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