This Is Why Finland Is a Hotbed for Health Tech

This Is Why Finland Is a Hotbed for Health Tech


The first thing was to build our own home market,” said Kalle Palomäki, CEO of Healthy Life Devices, a Finland-based StartUp Health company. “The challenge in going from a country to the whole global market is building a reputation and getting enough clinical evidence.”

Palomäki was speaking with Unity Stoakes, president of StartUp Health, at the StartUp Health Village in New York City. They talked about the extraordinary mobile technology coming out of Finland, and how that technology is turning the country into a hotbed of digital health innovation.

“There are a lot of digital and mobile engineers in Finland,” said Palomäki, “and healthcare is the biggest and fastest growing export area in the Finnish industry.”

“We have a high number of engineers in Finland,” said Palomäki, (left).

The Finnish innovation ecosystem is brimming with incredible talent. It’s the reason why StartUp Health launched StartUp Health Finland. In Finland, extraordinary entrepreneurs are looking to export their digital health innovations around the world. StartUp Health is assisting these Health Transformers in growing and scaling their companies so they can achieve their Health Moonshots.

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