To Be Or Not To Be in Finland

To Be Or Not To Be in Finland

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To Be Or Not To Be in Finland

You most likely are already aware, that there are a number of interesting developments in Finland which make our country an optimal environment for companies in the Health industry to operate.

Finland for example

  • is the global frontrunner in digitalization of healthcare
  • has the most digital health startups per capita in the world
  • has increased its health tech exports by 8% annually for over two decades
  • has introduced unique test beds providing a fast track for patient safe market entry

Why portal

We have experienced a health industry boom in Finland with many new companies with innovative ideas coming to the Finnish market as well as expanding to international markets.  While monitoring this boom we recognized that more visibility was needed for connecting Finnish companies with global actors, including other international health industry companies and international investors.  As such this portal was created to help provide gateway to connect for all interested parties, i.e. investors with companies, Finnish research organizations with other global research organizations, as well as providing news related to industry and research.

Opportunities For Direct Investments

As you might be aware, many multinational health giants have invested and continue to invest in Finland – in many cases for decades. This investment has been encouraged by the high-level of co-operation between industry, Finland’s academic hospitals, research institutions and government. The type of industries varies from supplies and accessories to high tech medical devices, pharma and Healthcare IT. But all of them have found Finland an interesting environment to operate and expand. Multinationals investing in Finland, initially through acquisitions, include Bayer, Perkin Elmer, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Danaher, Varian Medical Systems and Elekta.
These earlier investments have proven that Finland has the talented and skilled workforce needed to develop the industry to its next stage. This skill set being supported by the unique digital environment where we Finns operate our healthcare system as well as friendly Finnish legislation.

Finland has recognized that concrete steps are required to reduce the time-to-market for new drugs, technologies and solutions.  This has resulted in the establishment of testbed environments “living labs” in university hospitals and clinics answer industry’s needs for collaboration with the healthcare providers and the acceleration of commercialization of new products.
Some Finnish testbeds even allow for the controlled launch of innovations without compromising patient safety. The testbeds are especially useful for health technology startups or companies eager to apply their technologies or services to healthcare.
Combined with a deep understanding of healthcare requirements, locally available expertise in engineering, software development, industrial design, wireless and mobile technologies offer all players the opportunity for genuine and sustainable innovation. These are skills, which cannot be easily learned, but still accessed. – Free Marketing For Finland Based Companies

In case you are involved company based in Finland, the portal is free marketing opportunity for your company to express the needs and types of contacts you are looking for. Please contact for more details! We have already 100 company profiles available, your company can create its own and it will be part of offering from Finland.

In case you are investor, looking at opportunities in Finland, go  select “I am investor” profile and start exploring opportunities for collaboration and investments.

Nora Kaarela

Head of Health Industry


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