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Who we are

Top Data Science is a data science and software engineering company focusing on advanced image analysis, big data and machine learning solutions. Our team includes experienced data scientists, software engineers and business development professionals. We are based at the Health Innovation Village at GE Healthcare in Helsinki.

Our solution

Advanced and highly scalable data analytics and image analysis solutions based on self-learning artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. Cloud based and on-premise solutions.


  • Data from healthcare is exploding
  • Current analytics can’t handle that without manual work and expensive tailor-made solutions.
  • Top Data Science can provide cutting-edge, adaptable and self learning analytics & image analysis solutions for healthcare technology vendors and research groups.

What we are looking for

We are looking for healthcare technology vendors, partners and research groups interested in achieving competitive advantage and cost savings through accelerated time to market with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and deep neural network based solutions.

Team profiles

Our team includes top data scientists, software engineers and business development professionals.

Contact information

Timo Heikkinen

CEO & Co-founder


+358 40 589 4400

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