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#Excellence in Action

Turku University of Applied Sciences is an inspiring community of 10,000 members.
Our graduates are practice-oriented professionals with top competencies.

Studies at TUAS are working life-oriented, combining theoretical studies with professional skills. At the core of our teaching is Innovation Pedagogy, an approach to learning developed at TUAS. Innovation Pedagogy emphasises the viewpoints of RDI and working life, making our graduates independently minded professionals with excellent international and communication skills.

We provide high quality and flexible training and consulting services for both individuals and organisations in the public and private sector.  You can also update your knowledge and skills at TUAS Open University of Applied Sciences.

In the field of applied research, Turku University of Applied Sciences represents the top tier in the country. TUAS coordinates or acts as a partner in over 200 RDI projects yearly.

Our RDI-activities are organized in research groups. There are several groups focusing on health related topics and in addition groups combining health, wellbeing and technology such as eHealth technologies and Futuristic interactive technologies.

Our solution

#Innopeda is a learning method developed at TUAS. It is based on experimenting, sharing know-how, and combining different approaches. With Innopeda we successfully connect teaching, research and development activities, internationality, and co-operation with working life.

We educate experts in the fields of health care and well-being services in 15 degree programmes. Furthermore we have engineering education in eHealth technologies both in bachelor and master level.

Bachelor Degree programmes:

  • Nursing, at Salo campus (in English)
  • Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Technology
  • Emergency Care
  • Nursing (Nursing, Midwifery, Public Health Nursing), at Ruiskatu campus, Turku
  • Nursing (Nursing, Public Health Nursing), at Salo campus
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiography and Radiotherapy
  • Social Services
  • Information and Communications technology, eHealth technologies

Master Degree programmes:

  • Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Health Promotion
  • Health Technology
  • Management and Leadership in Health Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social Services
  • eHealth technologies

Our degree programmes host about 2900 students under the supervision of almost 200 experts.We respond quickly to employers’ education and development needs. Thousands of social and health care professionals develop their competence through our continuing education. Our education export and service products are planned on the basis on the customer’s specific needs. Finding new solutions to promote health and well-being during the lifespan is our mission.


Whether you are interested in updating your own skills or improving the performance of your employees, we at TUAS have tools for you. We offer both customized as well as ready-made training packages to suit your needs. Or if you are looking for consulting to support your education reform, you can benefit from our expertise. We are also happy to organise a short-term study visit, during which you and your group can get an overview of the secrets behind our educational success.

What we are looking for

We are looking for distributors and/ or agents as well as private and public buyers for our education products and services. In addition, we are open for research and development collaboration and ready to support your development needs.

Team profiles

Turku University of Applied Sciences is a community of 10'000 members (teachers, staff and students). We have four main fields: Culture, Business, Engineering, Social and Health Care. Engineering education is the biggest with almost 3400 students and Social and Health care is the second largest with almost 3000 students.


Katri Salonen
Manager, Global Education Services
+358 50 5985 678
Twitter: TUAS – Turku University of Applied Sciences

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