University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+

University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+

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University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ was established in June 2016. Despite of our seemingly short history, as a fully owned company by University of Helsinki, we have been providing continuing education and development services for both organizations and individuals in Finland and abroad for over three decades. We have an evidence-based track record in creating individually designed training programs, and managing various development programs to enhance the capabilities and competences of our partnering organizations.

Our Solution

The purpose of our organization is to improve the future world and well-being of people through enhancing learning, knowledge sharing, and development. We believe in collaboration and empowerment and therefore focus on building trust with our collaboration partners and organisations. Our natural role in the development programs as a leader is to assist our collaboration partners to learn and take ownership of our joint project. By doing so, we ensure that the jointly drafted plans and ways of working will be implemented and the development continues.

Our Organisational Development Programmes are set to fine-tune and reshape existing structures and approaches of the organisations we work with. Our experts help organisations to find the best working solutions to their challenges through learning and education. One of our strongest focuses is on education and restructuring teacher education at a university or college level. We have an evidence-based track record in creating new forms for teachers’ professional development programmes and implementing brand new teaching approach in one individual school or several schools.


For countries aiming to enhance the performance of their education systems, the University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ offers expertise to evaluate current performance and to design and execute development and reform programmes. In the core of the education reforms are national evaluation and assessment processes, as well as curricula design. We have a proven track record on developing state-of-the-art schools and institute concepts that fit the needs of each country. Our reform projects are designed to cover all levels of education – from Early Childhood Education to University or College levels. University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ also covers Higher Education level disciplines that are based on the eleven faculties of the University of Helsinki.

Our professional competence development and capacity building programmes seek to build and support change in the knowledge, skills, and behaviour of professionals in diverse fields and organisations. All programme activities aim at supporting professional growth and understanding of change on a personal and organizational level.

The fields of our Organisational and Professional Competence Development programmes reflect the academic fields of the University of Helsinki. Our programmes boost the performance of any organisation: big or small, public or private.

What we are looking for

Partners, customers B2B B2G

Team profiles

Enthustiastic and skilled group of trans national expers at your service.

The core team:

- Dr. Ms. Marjaana Suutarinen, CEO

- Dr. Ms. Kirsi Kettula, Head of Transnational Education

- Ms. Pirjo Silfversten, Head of Transnational Operations

- Ms. Anna Rantapero-Laine, Director, Head of Open Education Programmes

- Ms. Riina Johansson, Development Expert

- Ms. Johanna Lipponen, Director, Head of Sales

Twitter: @hyplushelsinki


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