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The University of Tampere has strong expertise in the research on health and society. It educates shapers of the future who understand the world and change it. The University of Tampere is a community of approximately 15,000 students and 2,000 staff and it has been the most popular multidisciplinary university in Finland for several years.

The focal areas of the School of Medicine include research on atherosclerosis, prostate cancer, celiac disease and vaccine development. The University is also internationally known for, among other things, research on diabetes and stem cells. The BioMediTech institute is conducting research on cell biology, biomaterials and biotechnology. The School of Health Sciences has for long conducted cutting-edge research on cancer epidemiology.

The medical research and education are concentrated on the University’s Kauppi campus close to Tampere University Hospital. Other institutions, such as the Tampere Biobank and FinnMedi Ltd., can also be found in the area. FinnMedi Ltd. focuses on the life science field and offers clinical drug trials and business development services.

Research Centers


Celiac Disease Research Center

Five main research strands are represented in celiac research: the clinical research on the celiac disease in adults, research on the manifestations of celiac disease in the skin and celiac disease in children, and basic research on immunobiology and genetics focusing on the background mechanisms of the disease. The celiac disease scholars at the University of Tampere have developed, among others, a test for detecting disease-specific autoantibodies and a celiac disease rapid test.

Prostate Cancer Research Center PCRC

The unique collection of population-based clinical materials and models with complementary expertise from molecular mechanisms to clinical practice provides an exceptionally strong basis to study prostate cancer. PCRC aims to find answers to the most important questions in the treatment of prostate cancer: the etiology of the disease, identification of clinically relevant disease, personalized cancer therapy and novel treatment modalities to combat the disease.

Vaccine Research Center

The Vaccine Research Center is a clinical research unit operating within the School of Medicine at the University of Tampere. It carries out clinical trials of vaccines in co-operation with the pharmaceutical industry. Vaccine Research Center has specialized in viral vaccines in children, and is well known for its studies of varicella, influenza and rotavirus.

BioMediTech – Institute of Biosciences and Medical Technology

The strategic research fields of BioMediTech cover cell and molecular biology, genetics, biomaterials, biosensors, computational systems, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, medical imaging, and regenerative medicine. BioMediTech is a joint institute of the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology.

FICAM, Finnish Center for alternative methods

FICAM is the center of expertise for alternative methods to animal experimentation in Finland. FICAM develops and validates human-cell-based tissue/organ models, shares information on alternative methods, educates experts, and acts as the Finnish reference laboratory for European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing.

Gerontology Research Center GEREC

is committed to generating knowledge that can help make our longer lives healthier and promote an active and full life at any age. GEREC also aims to help policy makers and service providers meet the challenges of population aging.  It is jointly coordinated by the School of Health Sciences, University of Tampere and the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä.

Tampere Center for Child Health Research TACC

There are five larger research themes pursued at TACC: Pediatrics, child psychiatry, pediatric neurology and neuropsychology, diabetes research and global health. Researchers affiliated with TACC have organized themselves accordingly under five research clusters and a total of nine research groups.

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