Valuecode automates anticoagulation therapy with Forsante

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who we are

Valuecode team develops and markets private cloud based services for healthcare and wellbeing. We use artificial intelligence to automate care processes.

We are proud to serve our clients representing the most significant health care providers in Finland.

our solution

Forsante Anticoagulation Service is a secure, private cloud based digital colleague to doctors and nurses for warfarin therapy.

On behalf of health care professionals, Forsante

- Automatically defines the safe warfarin dosage for the patient,

- Automatically communicates the dosage to the patient, and

- Automatically fills in the necessary information into the EHR system. 

Our emphasis is on the highest quality and ease of use: Forsante Anticoagulation Service is MDD certified in class IIb and it integrates wit EHR systems.


According to our clients, Forsante Anticoagulation Service

- Saves health care professionals’ warfarin treatment related time up to 85%,

- Saves INR laboratory costs by at least 20%, and

- Significantly improves quality of treatment for warfarin patients.

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Tuula Metsälä



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