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Who we are

Vivago is a Finnish health care technology company that provides unique solutions for wellbeing and safety. As a pioneer, Vivago already ensures safety for tens of thousands of individuals in Europe. With the help of Vivago solution, people can get better care and live longer and safer at home. Vivago provides better care and also enables remarkable savings in rehabilitation and home care.

An ageing population increases the pressure on health care services. To be able to provide excellent health care services, there is a need to optimize efficient use of resources. The elderly want to be able to live independently, whereas the care personnel should be able to focus on care work and not on routine jobs. Vivago knows the challenges the health care sector is facing and offers reliable and flexible solutions.

Our solution

Vivago develops smart safety and wellbeing solutions for preventive care. The innovative solutions cover the whole chain of care from home care to assisted living, care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation.

Vivago solutions increase the feeling of safety with automatic alarms and by providing wide range of wellbeing information to support daily care and to follow-up the effectiveness of care. Real-time notifications inform about changes in the person’s wellbeing and it enables care providers to react proactively and focus on individual care. Wellbeing information can also be shared with relatives.

Vivago’s unique solutions are patented and have been awarded with several international recognitions. The high-quality products are manufactured in Finland.


Our solutions increase patient safety by providing automatic alarms and enables remarkable savings in rehabilitation and homecare.

Vivago solution measures the user's activity levels and movement as well as the amount and quality of sleep. The solution is unique as its compiled data helps to monitor the customer's condition in real time. Automatic reminders and alerts on any significant changes to the customer's condition help the nursing staff to react quickly and allocate the resources to where they are needed. Vivago solution automatically calls for help if the customer is unable to do so.

Vivago's technology and patented solutions support the renewal of care processes and the real-time, objective review of treatment results. The precise analytics produced by the Vivago solutions reduce unnecessary policies and make the monitoring of wellbeing data easy and effortless. 

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