Who we are

Welapro Oy produces an intelligent training system called Weela. Weela is a modern device for full body exercise. It is controlled by WeelaTrainer app in your phone or tablet. From the app you can find variety of different kinds of exercise programs. For example you can choose quick break exercise in the middle of your workday to boost your energy levels. Or you can check our longer programs to improve your fitness. Every program has a different goal and the app will guide and help you to achieve those goals. It is important to us that beginners and pros can workout safely and effectively with Weela!

Our solution

You don’t have to be a fitness professional to use Weela or to achieve our goals. Weela fits perfectly to all kinds of enviroments. With Weela you need less than one squaremeter for your training equipment. We use electricity to create resistance and that makes us special. Because of this, the device is light enough for you to carry with you and you still can get resistance up to 100kg. Weela also guides you trough your exercises and records everything you do with it. It is an excellent tool for beginners as well as for professionals. For personal trainers and physiotherapists it gives lots of possibilities and helps you to keep track of development of your customers. One of our goals is also to make break exercise easier at work places. With Weela you get ready made programs, just press play and you are ready to go.


- Easy to take with you.

- Resistance from 1kg up to 100kg.

- Records everything you or your customer does online.

- Motivating app.

- Helps you to achieve your goals.

Contact information

Jari-Pekka Pyörälä



+358 408420003


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