Who we are

WELLEVO is a complete athlete nutrition monitoring and analyzing service that has just launched its own developed wellbeing service. Key personnel are professionals in their fields including athlete training, software development and financials.

Our solution

WELLEVO’s main product is a mobile service that helps its users to track their wellbeing and improve exercise results. The service collects details on user’s nutrition, exercises, activity, rest, and other aspects and compares these to established recommendations that are automatically scaled to individual’s personal parameters.

WELLEVO is also a complete athlete monitoring and analyzing tool. It allows athletes and their coach to follow the athlete’s wellbeing, performance and progress towards goals in real-time. It provides analyses of data collected from athlete in daily basis, and provides the means to learn how small decisions lead to success. It includes features to create and manage training and diet plans that can be distributed to a group of athletes and automatically tailored to them individually. Each athlete gets personal guidance and can learn to find correct training methods.

WELLEVO service advises the athlete to healthy living habits, by taking into account daily nutrition, exercise, activity, sleep, hydration, energy balance and mood. Immediate feedback is provided with simple color coding (green vs red) that helps to recognize correct behavior and areas of improvement. All parameters are summed to form a WELLEVO index between 0-100 that represents athlete’s overall state within the last week. All parameters can be adjusted by the coach to suit the targets of individual athletes.


Athlete’s benefits:
1. Can follow coach’s training plan directly from smart phone.
2. Gets immediate feedback and analyses of personal progress.
3. Can send messages to coach and fellow athletes and receive training material.
4. Can follow fellow athlete’s progress and get team motivation.
5. Ensures healthy and sufficient nutrition.
6. Can follow supply of vitamins and minerals in detail.
7. Ensures sufficient daily sleep and hydration.

Coach benefits:
1. Enables creating training plans to groups and individual athletes.
2. Can follow the progress of athlete’s real-time from smart phone.
3. Can analyze progress and performance in detail from WEB user interface.
4. Can send training material to athletes (document, images and videos).
5. Can plan diet plans that ensure sufficient nutrition and send them to athletes.

Contact information

Kim Kivelä


+358 400 667 239


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