Who we are

Commercial DNA testing company that works on consumer testing, laboratory projects and consulting. Services and products are provided for consumers and businesses with high Nordic quality from custom solutions to ready-made consumer packages.

Our solution

Consumer products are ready made DNA testing kits that can be used to test fitness or health related matters. For business customers there are reselling and distribution opportunities for ready made products, but also customized test creation for specific needs, laboratory projects to outsource work or for research purposes, not to mention consulting services.


Consumers benefit from receiving relevant information on their health or fitness abilities to improve their wellbeing / training. Business customers can outsource their DNA test design, laboratory work or expertise, but also receive income from reselling/distribution opportunities.

Contact information

Juha Savimäki

Managing Partner


+358 44 987 3397


Woble Helsinki Oy, Metsäpirtintie 1, 02130 Espoo, Finland

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