World Class Digital Solutions from Finland

World Class Digital Solutions from Finland

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World Class Digital Solutions from Finland

Globally healthcare professionals and companies are asking how to address the challenges of aging population and increasing costs of healthcare. The answer can be found from the digital transformation.

Why digital health from Finland?

Finland has the most digital health startups per capita in the world. This development has deep roots in medical technology – Finland has been a minor superpower of medical equipment, sports wearables and heart rate monitoring for decades and is now pioneering in wireless solutions, software, games and 5G technologies. In Finland, eHealth and eSocial solutions are used to ensure that people living in sparsely populated areas will also have equal access to health and social services.

Digital Hospitals Finland

The Digital Hospitals Finland cluster includes Finnish companies working with technologies that improve the quality of care – including efficiency, precision, reliability and safety not only in the hospital environment but also at home.

Have a look at the offering that connects patients pre-hospital, hospital and home!

For more information, please contact:

Eero Toivainen
Program Director
+358 40 3433379

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