World-class Research

Looking for a research partner? Interested in investing in the health sector? Look no further. Finland offers an ideal research environment as well as partners for long-term collaboration – ranging from high-ranking universities to cutting-edge health tech companies and startups. In fact, Finland has for decades invested hundreds of millions of euros per year in health-related education, research and research infrastructures.

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Finnish health research is closely linked with the country’s top-notch public healthcare system. Academic research groups also work with the pharmaceutical industry to develop new medicines and to get them on the market quickly. The strong collaboration between basic research, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies enables sharing knowledge and resources and achieving excellent results.

Finland’s biobanks and the innovation-friendly Biobank legislation, comprehensive healthcare registers, comprehensive electronic medical records and the nation’s isolated gene pool offer outstanding opportunities for drug target discovery, clinical research and Real World Evidence. Medical and health research also benefit from Finland’s expertise in ICT and mobile technology.

And the cherry to top the cake? Finns are very willing to participate in medical studies and are committed to studies that they enroll in. This means that patient recruitment is faster and less expensive and also patient retention is very high in Finnish clinical trials.

Finland ranks

  • #1 in innovation and in higher education (The World Economy Forum, Global Competitiveness Report 2014–2015)
  • #2 in education system and R&D personnel per capita (IMD World Competiveness Yearbook 2014 & IMD World Talent Report 2014)

According to World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2015-16, Finland is:

  • #1 in availability of scientists and engineers
  • #1 in University-Industry collaboration in R&D
  • #1 in availability of latest technologies
  • Finland has more than 40.000 R&D professionals in the sector
  • Finnish Universities, Research Institutes and University Hospitals employ more than 25.000 researchers in science, technology and medicine
  • Health technology companies employ more than 10.000 people
  • Pharma companies employ 5.000 people

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