who we are

X-akseli is a Finnish IT company specializing in self-registration and patient flow management solutions for hospitals and clinics.

Our solution

Our main product is AKSELI - a combination of self-registration kiosks, info displays, and software. AKSELI is designed with healthcare professionals and its main goal is to help optimize the patient flow in hospitals and clinics. The system controls and manages patient self-check-in, access, and wayfinding in several ways.


Using AKSELI system benefits both the patients and the hospital staff. With AKSELI the patients are able to self-check-in to a hospital and receive a wide range of information on where their appointments are, where to go next and how to get there.

With AKSELI the patient security and anonymity is also well thought out because AKSELI gives all patients a unique visiting number with which they are called in to all their appointments throughout the day. Using a visiting number instead of a name anonymizes the patients from other people visiting the hospital.

For the healthcare staff, AKSELI provides the following functionalities: patient tracking, patient call-in straight from the desktop, and the opportunity to monitor the patient flow in real time.

Our customers also benefit from the diverse statistical information that AKSELI gathers. The collected data can be used to improve processes and resource planning.

What we are looking for

We are looking for new customers.

Contact information

Antti Tikkanen

Sales Manager


+358 46 853 3315


Linnoitustie 2 a, 02600 Espoo, FINLAND

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