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Who we are

Xemet is specialized in computer simulation of biological phenomena. So far our technology has been applied to preclinical development of drugs, and development and testing of skin care products. Our customers include some of the largest pharma and personal care/cosmetics companies. Now we are launching new applications related to predictive, personal health.

Our solution

Simulation technology which reduces the need for experimental methods in life science R&D, and which can predict physiological responses to changes in life style (time allocation, training, nutrition).


Simulation is far cheaper and faster than experimental methods, also in biological R&D. Typically a simulation takes few seconds whereas the respective experiment in vitro or in vivo takes several days.

What we are looking for

We are looking for investments and partners.

Team profiles

The founder and CEO, Dr. Tomi Heiskanen, has PhD in chemical engineering and MSc in management (Sloan School, MIT). He has been private entrepreneur for 20 years and has extensive experience in modeling and simulation, and in international business.

CTO Mr. Tomas Heiskanen, has a M.Sc. (Technology) in computer and information science and industrial management from Aalto University School of Science and Technology (Finland). He is specialized in cognitive neuroscience, bioinformatics, strategy and international business.

Contact information

Tomi Heiskanen

Chairman, CEO


+358 400 491 568

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