Business Delegation Trip to Japan 11.-14.10.

Business Delegation Trip to Japan 11.-14.10.

Team Finland Health and BioTurku will organize a pharma, diagnostics and medtech focused business delegation trip to Japan 11.-14.10.2016. The trip includes a pre-event in Tokyo (by invitation only) as well as Finland booth at BioJapan. The delegation consists of companies operating in the fields of drug development, diagnostics, medtech and e-health.

The Finnish companies presenting their innovative products and services at the Finland booth at BioJapan are:
Biomolecular Tools Finland Ltd.
Labmaster Oy
Medix Biochemica

More about participating Finnish companies

Why Finland is the Best Location for Life Science Research and Innovation

Finland offers a unique environment for innovation with a thriving ecosystem of universities, research institutes as well as innovative biotechnology and medical technology companies that are open for collaboration. In addition to established companies, Finland boasts a vibrant start-up scene with more than 300 health technology companies and the most digital health startups per capita in the world. Finland is also one of the largest public investors in life science R&D and is ranked consistently in the top3 most innovative economies in the World. These are key reasons why many multinational corporations such as GE Healthcare, Bayer, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Santen have chosen Finland as one of their R&D locations.

The unique biobank and registry data available in Finland offers a fast track for target and biomarker discovery projects. The Finnish biobanks are a unique resource containing tissues and DNA samples that can be combined with decades of clinical data and comprehensive healthcare registries. The breadth of this healthcare data available for pharmaceutical and diagnostics R&D is globally unparalleled and cannot be found anywhere else in the World. In addition, the Finnish Biobank Act allows for recalling of the patients for follow-up studies. Companies that already leverage this national resource and friendly legislation include Roche, Pfizer, MSD, Biogen, Eisai, Bayer and AstraZeneca.

Data quality and high patient retention is critical in cost-effective clinical trials. This is why Finland is a prime location for clinical trials - with a highly uniformly trained doctor force, research-friendly-patient population and world-class ICT infrastructure Finland is able to provide quality that no other country can. For these reasons Finland has seen a 44% rise in the number of clinical trials between 2015 and 2014.

For more information, please contact:

Päivi Antila, Coordinator, Team Finland Health paivi.antila(a) , Tel: +358 46 923 2261

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