Gateway to USA and
Health 2.0

Gateway to USA and
Health 2.0

Finpro and Tekes are organizing a networking and fact-finding visit to California, USA for Finnish companies operating in digital health.
The trip will take place in late September, 25.9.-30.9.2016.

During this trip, the participating companies will have an opportunity to meet with potential customers and visit business incubators and life science accelerator programs. Additionally, the companies will learn about local networking and financing opportunities. Some of the participants will also have opportunities to pitch their business proposal to potential customers and collaborators in several 1-to-1 meetings.
One of the main activities will be the Health 2.0 -conference, where Finland has an exhibition booth and participating companies will enjoy several networking opportunities.

More about participating Finnish companies


Why Finland is the Land of Future Health? Watch Team Finland´s presentation by Matti E. Lehtonen, Managing Director of GE Healthcare Finland below. Watch also the participaiting companies pitching at the event.


9/23/2016 News from Tekes​ 

​The Land of Future Health: Finnish health companies showcase in the US



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